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Joanna H
Age: 33

3rd baby 6 months ago. Tried a few diets and I exercise, but nothing worked like #SlimmingLeaf! It’s weird, I just felt “cleaner” after a few days. At the end of 28 days now and I can finally see my abs again! Yay! #slimmingleaf #teatox #28dayteatox #abs #fitmom

Sarah P
Age: 20

Most “detox” teas are awful! I never finish them! BFF made me try #SlimmingLeaf though. So glad I did! I actually finished! Love the results. 8 lbs in 28 days. Aced myfinal exams cuz I had more energy & could focus better. Thank you! #slimmingleaf #teatox #legit #healthy #besties #fitlife


Madison S
Age: 36

I tried the 14 day program because I just wanted to try it out I called customer service and was connected to a nice gentleman who helped me order over the phone. My teas arrived afew days later, as promised, and I loved it! I only lost 3 lbs in 14 days, but I feel more motivated than ever to hit my goals! #slimmingleaf #teatox #motivation

Jutine G
Age: 31

I’m a personal trainer. I rolled my eyes when I first heard about #SlimmingLeaf. I was surprised to find that they really did to their homework when they made Slimming Leaf! I recommend it to some of my clients who have aggressive weight loss goals. #slimmingleaf #science #fitness #weightloss #goals

User Reviews from Our Website

- Rachael S, age 27:
Love my #SlimmingLeaf #teatox #28dayteatox

- Alfonso U, age 29:
Yeah, I #teatox too! Gotta #keepit100 #dontjudge #slimmingleaf

- Julie P & Emilia B:
Bestie beach bods, thanks to #SlimmingLeaf #bff #teatox #beach #summer

- Lolita S, age 26
Feeling fit & awake! TY #SlimmingLeaf #teatox #fit

- Maria R, age 37
Need my night detox tea to relax before bed #longday #slimmingleaf #teatox #sleep #clean

- Danielle H, age 31
Never been healthier than with #SlimmingLeaf #teatox #fit #confident

- Kelly G, age 42:
I used to feel so unappreciated and taken for granted at home, between my husband and the kids. I still am, but Slimming Leaf helped me lose 14 lbs, so my husband appreciates me a little more at least, and the detox tea helps me feel good and relaxed after a long day of doing EVERYTHING around the house.

- Shannon L, age 19:
I thought the “freshman 15” was a myth, but then I experienced it first hand . . . All the parties and the easy access to junk food added fat onto my body that I never thought I would get. Slimming Leaf helped me get my weight back down to where I want it to be!

- Amanda M, age 32:
I had been fighting with the last 10 pounds I put on during pregnancy. I have a really good diet, I walk at least 30 minutes a day and work out twice a week but still couldn’t lose these pounds. I started Slimming Leaf 6 weeks ago and I lost 8 pounds! I am really happy. I can now fit in my pre-baby clothes and look at myself in the mirror!

- Krista J, age 22:
My boyfriend dumped me at the beginning at the holidays because I was “getting fat,” he said. What an ass! Anyway, I started this detox just before New Year and I have lost 3 pounds so far. And a few inches on my waist and butt. His loss, not mine!

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